Cairns Harbour Lights Hotel, ideally situated on the waterfront of vibrant Cairns and offering a range of accommodation styles, has recently undergone a meaningful and masterful design upgrade.

Appointed designers, IN DESIGN INTERNATIONAL, considered their overall intent was to redefine integral areas and resolve several existing spatial planning challenges along with providing a new ambience for both the public and private spaces within.

In an appreciation and respect for the original architect’s intent, IN DESIGN INTERNATIONAL’s pivotal point of interest in the lobby remained the atrium style light well.  Strategically placed rope curtain walls now provide an innovative walkway to control pedestrian flow and a welcoming and comfortable guest check-in area has greatly enhanced the sense of arrival to this luxury location.  Keen attention to detail has cleverly interwoven local iconic components such as a giant custom-made gumnut seating pod, floor to ceiling artwork behind the reception counter that hints of ancient sea turtles and PASSO bespoke MIRO carpet emulating the depths of the sea.

With the majority of furniture being custom made under the guidance and co-ordination of their project management team, IN DESIGN INTERNATIONAL relied on branded fabrics and finishes that met Australian standards.  Now complete, and with quality furniture, accessories and window treatments also installed to rooms and apartments, Cairns Harbour Lights has been revived and invigorated.

“True to their reputation, IN DESIGN INTERNATIONAL delivered a brilliant result. They created a unique, stylish and welcoming environment in which we are all now extremely proud to work and stay. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from guests and owner investors”. Helen Chapman (Owner).