STEP 1: Briefing

You have an idea?  
It is up to you how you record your idea. Draw a sketch. Take down notes. Collect material such as cloth or paper but most of all: 
Talk to our consultants about your wishes and ideas. 
Exceptional images and patterns, company logos, interesting textures - we transfer your idea to the carpet.

STEP 2: Design

After we received your brief and expectations in the form of collected information, our experienced design team implements them creatively, synchronizes colours and provides you with a CAD print.

STEP 3: Planning

If the brief is met with our concept draft, we manufacture an original carpet sample of the desired quality.

Individual adaptations of design and colours are still possible after the sample is received. 
An exact roll plan is prepared for the production processing and order to assure trouble-free installation.

STEP 4: Production

Our combination of hand tufted, Axminster and colour injection constructions will provide you with a cost effective but unique carpet.

STEP 5: Transport

After comprehensive quality checks, your carpet leaves our factory and is delivered and fitted in accordance with the prepared roll plan.

Production and delivery is normally 5 weeks from order to your door.

If required we can also recommend accredited installation teams.

please note:
All computer screens and printers display colours differently, actual colours will be matched to physical colour tufts and may vary from printed or electronic art work supplied. Please refer to the actual colour tufts for correct indication of colour.

As we are dealing with an organic fabric, there will also be slight variations in size.