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ready designs 

for your projects with short delivery requirements


Providing sophisticated solutions for hospitality venues that require their carpeting to withstand heavy foot traffic and be easliy maitined  for hospitality venues keeping in mind there particular traffic and maintenance requirements. 


Cost effective carpet in sophisticated designs for hospitality rooms and corridors, offices and stadiums.


Axpro is a leading European manufacturer founded in 1854. Originally founded as Kowary they are the oldest in Poland and one of the world's oldest manufacturers of branded carpets and rugs.

Axpro products adorn the interior of many presidential palaces and embassies and they give comfort to travelers in hotels and airports on four continents.

Traditionally woven, 80% wool 20% nylon carpet in rich colour hues, suitable for pub, club, gaming and all hospitality projects.  
These designs can be ordered as is or recoloured  then manufactured and shipped in 5 weeks from order.