Katrina Hill

Katrina studied interior design at Randwick Tafe, the leading design of the era, in the mid 1980's. Since setting up her practice, she has worked in the area of hospitality, club and casino design, residential, commercial, and her special expertise-colour and finishes.

She has studied Colour Psychology in London, under the expertise of Colour Affect's Angela Wright and applies the principles of why certain people resonate to certain colours in her work both residential and commercial. It's a particularly powerful tool to guarantee predictable emotional responses from the people who live, work and move through a space. 

Her special interest in making interior design cost effective and creating cohesive interiors that enable people to feel comfortable and confident.

Katrina is a member of the Colour Society of Australia and was involved as a committee member of the 209 AIC Colour Congress held at UNSW Sydney.

when Katrina is not working she spends her time at her vineyard in the Southern Highlands of NSW where she tends to and produces a fine cold climate pinot gris.